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ENDSEnvironmental Data Services (UK)
ENDSEnd Segment
ENDSEnhanced Nuclear Detonation Safety
ENDSExternal Nasal Dilator Strip
ENDSEquifax National Decision Systems (San Diego, CA)
ENDSEmergency Nursing Documentation System, LLC (Gonzales, LA)
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The life lies low in a Mingo, and humanity teaches us to make a quick end to the sarpents.
Ay, ay," muttered the scout, who had listened to this peculiar burst of the natives with deep attention; "they have warmed their Indian feelings, and they'll soon provoke the Maquas to give them a speedy end.
Colonel Pyncheon's sudden and mysterious end made a vast deal of noise in its day.
I am unable even to remember at this day what proposal I framed for the end of his holidays and the resumption of his studies.
Captain Peleg, said Bildad steadily, thy conscience may be drawing ten inches of water, or ten fathoms, i can't tell; but as thou art still an impenitent man, captain Peleg, I greatly fear lest thy conscience be but a leaky one; and will in the end sink thee foundering down to the fiery pit, Captain Peleg.
You can feel them in the air round about him, capering frenetically; with their invisible feet they set the pace, and the hair of the leader of the orchestra rises on end, and his eyeballs start from their sockets, as he toils to keep up with them.
In the end all three of them begin advancing, step by step, upon the banqueters, Valentinavyczia, he cellist, bumping along with his instrument between notes.
When in the end Tamoszius Kuszleika has reached her side, and is waving his magic wand above her, Ona's cheeks are scarlet, and she looks as if she would have to get up and run away.
With a most wonderful rush he comes to the end of the tune, and flings up his hands and staggers back exhausted; and with a final shout of delight the dancers fly apart, reeling here and there, bringing up against the walls of the room.
It was a cheerful, hopeful letter, full of lively descriptions of camp life, marches, and military news, and only at the end did the writer's heart over-flow with fatherly love and longing for the little girls at home.
Jo wasn't ashamed of the great tear that dropped off the end of her nose, and Amy never minded the rumpling of her curls as she hid her face on her mother's shoulder and sobbed out, "I am a selfish girl
In the end he wrote a book which he called "The Book of the Grotesque.