ENDTElectroneurodiagnostic Technology
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(4) Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black (Ford,1909 citado por Endt; Grandadam, 1993, p.
Bekantnus und rechenschafft der getauffte in den namen Jesu Cristi, zu Nicolspurg und umb den Stain (25) bey obgemelten Nicolspurg im Margraffthuem zu Merhem wonendt, von dem cristenlichen glauben, in welichen, wie sie von anfang darein, edan k[o]n[igliche] m[ajesta]t obgemelts marggraffthuem als emn gepilettunder herr und regierer eingenumen hat (26) , berueffen, also noch steent, und wollent auch, durch die hilff und gnadt Gotes, darin verharren bis an ir endt. Amen.
In the ENDT associate degree program, students take courses in the first semester that include chemistry survey, intermediate algebra, computer essentials, anatomy/physiology, medical language health care/human relations, introduction to electroneurodiagnostics, and basic electricity for health care.
I once spent an afternoon in the Quality Street factory in Halifax and by the endt felt as queasy as a cat with a furball.
Sawicki draws the connection between feminism and postmodernism by way of Michael Foucault while Honig turns to Hannah Ar endt. Since neither Foucault nor Arendt is particularly committed to feminism, one needs to question why Sawicki and Honig find Foucault and Arendt useful.
Von Endt calls "pickled frogs and things that go bump in the night."
It is the fact that resources become more abundant once a certain size is reached (Ar endt and Wilson 1997) that produces countergradient variation.
However, "We take no credit for concocting the name Cold Duck." This, I believe was from the German "kolde endt", as all the left-over bottles were emptied at the end of the evening on a, or all, the Rhine River cruise boats as the crew closed the bar and headed for bed after a night cap of "cold ends." Maybe.
Ajax spokesman Davd Endt said: "He was given a contract until the year 2000 - and part of the deal was that he wouldn't argue about it or come back and ask for a move.
Ajax official David Endt is the first to admit that the player takes a bit of holding back when he has a point to prove.
(5) The waters are muddied by the scholiastic tradition: |SOLLICITANT te scilicet, ut hoc sequaris' (see Endt, Adnotationes); |SOLLICITANT commovent scilicet te ad bellum' (G.