ENEBEstimated Net Energy Balance
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[17] investigated relationships between simultaneous occurrences of distinctive atmospheric easterly wave (EW) signatures that cross the south equatorial Atlantic, intense mesoscale convective systems (lifespan > 2hours) that propagate westward over the western south equatorial Atlantic, and subsequent strong rainfall episodes (anomaly > 10 mm-day-1) that occur in eastern Northeast Brazil (ENEB).
By generating a constant flow of small uniform droplets, the spectrometer's eNeb Sample Introduction enables it to deliver instrument stability and enhanced detection limits.
Three tenders for the supply & erection of (a) electric equipment, projectors and energy saving lamps at Juhayna City & West Tahta Project's villages, (b) same but at Enebs Village, also (c) supply (only) of electric equipment to Juhayna City and subordinated villages.