ENEEEmpresa Nacional de Energía Eléctrica (Spanish: National Electricity Company; Honduras)
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It is no surprise that its international peers in the energy industry selected ENEE for this award.
He wants ENEE to start working on plans for new sources, mostly hydroelectric.
These solar plants will provide energy to the national grid under 20-year power purchase agreements with ENEE, the state-owned electricity generation, transmission and distribution company.
5 are consumed in the company, 4 megs are sold to the ENEE, and the rest is distributed in irrigation drips in the field.
Part II is set ill a quirky, space age Carthage--at times it looks as if its inside a giant particle accelerator--and Enee and his followers abandon Dido to found Italy in a fleet of space ships.
Major organization : PALATA DOMOV PRO ZRAKOVE POSTI ENEe (70872783)
The project comprises of the rights to a field where exploration work has been conducted in the past and a Power Purchase Agreement for up to 35MW with the national utility of Honduras, ENEE.
He added, "The successful commissioning of this project would not have been possible without the strong support and cooperation we've received from our contractors, the local communities, ENEE and key members of the government of Honduras.
American conductor John Nelson leads the venerable Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, with Anna Caterina Antonacci as Cassandre, Kurt Streit as Enee and Anne Sofie Von Otter as Didon.
To support the ENEE in the elaboration of the technical and environmental studies required for the preparation and execution of the operation Transmission Program for Renewable Energies in West and North Zones.
Although individual vocal performances vary, the overall level is quite high, with the exception of tenor Gregory Kunde, who is totally miscast as the hero, Enee.