ENEFÉcole Nationale des Eaux et Forêts (French: National School of Water and Forestry; Gabon)
ENEFEuropean Nuclear Energy Forum (EU)
ENEFEscuela Normal de Educación Física (Spanish: Physical Education School for Teachers)
ENEFElizabeth Nuffield Educational Fund (London, UK)
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Some exceptions however exist, and one of the most comprehensive programs is the ENEF financial education project mentioned above that is designed to run over three semesters and consists of 72 case studies that can be integrated into regular school subjects (Bruhn et al.
The ENEF financial education project is an exception as it clearly indicates that it aims at developing proactive financial education that should result, among other things, in improvements in behavior and attitudes.
Si hay cierta invasion de nuestra area laboral por los egresados de la ENEF, porque en comparacion con ellos nuestra escuela es nueva.
The fourth meeting of the ENEF was opened by Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer and his Slovak counterpart, Robert Fico.
The next meeting of ENEF should take place in November 2009 in Bratislava.
Barroso called ENEF a vital component of that debate.
Hosted successively in Bratislava and Prague, ENEF meets twice a year.
The aim is to present proposals so that ENEF can finally adopt a road map for the "continued development of nuclear energy" in the EU.
ENEF has, however, opted for displays of political support to nuclear power with speeches from European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs.
The European nuclear industry sees the forum as clear evidence of political support: "The presence of so many top-level officials and representatives of civil society emphasises the political significance of the ENEF process.
The aim was to present proposals so that ENEF could adopt its road map for the "continued development of nuclear energy" in the EU.
ENEF is part of the Western Balkans Enterprise Development and Innovation Facility (WB EDIF) platform, which aims at enhancing and supporting access to finance for micro and small to medium-sized enterprises across the Western Balkans.