ENEMOEuropean Network of Election Monitoring Organisations
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Overall, ENEMO plans to provide 400 short-term observers to monitor Ukrainian parliamentary elections of October 28, 2012.
During the election campaign ENEMO plans to deliver three reports: the first one is due on September 11, the second - in October, and immediately after the election day observers will present a preliminary report on the election campaign in Ukraine.
Consisting of 22 civic organizations from 17 countries of the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe, ENEMO has observed more than 110 national elections and trained more than 100 thousand election monitors.
We realize that after parliamentary elections and negative statements made by OSCE, NDI, IRI, ENEMO and local observers, the Central Election Commission does not wish to cooperate with international organizations fearing that it will fail to ensure fair, free and open elections," said NGOs in their statement.
The team of 39 representatives of the ENEMO (European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations) received permission to observe Ukrainian elections.