ENFEldorado National Forest (Placerville, CA)
ENFÉclaireurs Neutres de France (French Scouting association)
ENFElectrical Network Frequency
ENFEvent Notification Facility
ENFEquivalent Normal Form
ENFEquality Network Forum (Glasgow, Scotland)
ENFElegant Normal Form (Boolean expression)
ENFExternal Noise Field
ENFElectroNeuroFeedback (physiotherapy device)
ENFEmerging Neighbourhood Fund
ENFEquipment Not-Operationally-Ready to Fire
ENFEmbarrassed Naked Female
ENFEugene Noise Festival (Oregon)
ENFextended nuclear family
ENFElks National Foundation
ENFEnforcement Action (Environmental Term AR 200-1)
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The report is based upon 3 years of cumulative effort by the ENF research team, brought right up to date and independently vetted over the 3 editions by eminent PV directors from different parts of the solar PV value-chain.
ENF keeps collecting and updating crystalline panel manufacturers' production and capacity data throughout the year
ENF will provide the complete database of information to be found on our website industry directory.
ENF keeps collecting and updating wafer manufacturers' production and capacity data throughout the year
The publisher has gathered information from the source through telephone interviews with all Chinese manufacturers of cells and panels (plus ENF visited 22 manufacturer's factories in the survey period), to bring you the latest numbers on the market.
In addition, interfacial polymerization has also been used to modify the properties of ENF membranes (17-23).
It's important to Elk Members in Austin and the ENF that their commitment to the community be fulfilled.
According to her, the ENF or the national guide for UAE healthcare professionals will provide an authoritative and practical information about medicines registered in the UAE.
The full day event included a highly interactive workshop for ENF fellows led by Sanaa Abdo, a professional trainer and education specialist, and with participation of students of Injaz Social Leaders Program.
projects which will be undertaken by EEP at a cost of US$370 million; and Canadian projects which will be undertaken by ENF at a cost of Cdn$190 million.
Through this training course, ENF students will expand their personal and professional horizons, and elevate their opportunities in securing jobs, thus improving their standard of living.
The vehicle, registration YK03 ENF, was taken after thieves opened steel gates by removing a chain and padlock.