ENFEldorado National Forest (Placerville, CA)
ENFÉclaireurs Neutres de France (French Scouting association)
ENFElectrical Network Frequency
ENFEvent Notification Facility
ENFEquivalent Normal Form
ENFEquality Network Forum (Glasgow, Scotland)
ENFElegant Normal Form (Boolean expression)
ENFExternal Noise Field
ENFElectroNeuroFeedback (physiotherapy device)
ENFEmerging Neighbourhood Fund
ENFEquipment Not-Operationally-Ready to Fire
ENFEmbarrassed Naked Female
ENFEugene Noise Festival (Oregon)
ENFextended nuclear family
ENFElks National Foundation
ENFEnforcement Action (Environmental Term AR 200-1)
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Este trabajo tiene como objetivo determinar la relacion del tamano y la independencia de la junta directiva (JD) con el desempeno en EF y ENF.
Then a Generalized Renewal Process (GRP) model is used to estimate the ENF for each MOP (Section 3).
Local pain, the most frequent adverse event related to ENF, was detected in 20/39 (64%) of patients on ENF.
Por ejemplo: para la variable VIT, su coeficiente es positivo, y por ser una variable binaria indica que el consumo aumenta en presencia de una leche adicionada con vitaminas, lo cual evoca una relacion positiva entre ambos, caso contrario con ENF, medida a los efectos de este trabajo como dispepsia.
In addition, interfacial polymerization has also been used to modify the properties of ENF membranes (17-23).
It's important to Elk Members in Austin and the ENF that their commitment to the community be fulfilled.
EEP and ENF have received sufficient long-term shipping commitments from anchor shippers to enable the Bakken Expansion Program to proceed.
Tokyo, Japan, Oct 4, 2005 - (JCNN) - Medical Systems put on sale the OLYMPUS ENF TYPE V2, its new videoscope for ear, nose and throat (ENT), in Japan and the US on October 3.
ENF Family Partnership (ENF) owns three vacant parcels of property in Erie County, Pennsylvania.
The advantage of an ENF report over competing market research reports is that ENF reports cover every market player, instead of simply collecting samples of some big companies.
8221; Extensive research has been conducted in the field of forensic audio authentication and one method which has proven to be considered reliable is the ENF criterion.