ENFDEpidermal Nerve Fiber Density
ENFDEast Naples Fire Department (Florida)
ENFDEagles Nest Foxs Den (gaming guild)
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Polydefkis and his associates concluded that the measurement of ENFD in skin punch biopsies is a more sensitive marker for detecting neuropathy early than are nerve conduction studies that test the function of large myelinated nerve fibers (Neurology 2003;60:108-11).
4 years, repeat testing in 29 patients showed that decline in ENFD was greatest in patients with diabetes, followed by patients with IGT and patients with idiopathic neuropathy.
At baseline, patients had significantly lower ENFD in the distal leg than did controls.
Patients with small fiber neuropathy exhibit a significant reduction in the ENFD.
Results from the study indicated that reductions in ENFD one week after treatment were similar across all NGX-1998 groups and the NGX- 4010 group, and were significantly reduced compared to the control.