ENFIAEldorado National Forest Interpretive Association (Placerville, CA)
ENFIAExchange Network Facilities for Interstate Access
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-- Real estate tax (ENFIA) on property owners will be cut by 30% on average in 2020.
provided by AT&T long distance and the line-based ENFIA tariff
Two total minutes of use series were constructed: The first series, called the NECA series, is constructed from MTS messages, WATS messages, and ENFIA lines (leased from LECs by OCCs) from predivestiture AT&T monthly reports for the period 1980Q1-1983Q4, TRP data for 1984Q1 and 1984Q2, and NECA pooling for the period 1984Q3 through 1985Q2.
See, e.g., Exchange Network Facilities for Interstate Access (ENFIA), 71 F.C.C.2d 440, 450 (1979), on recon., 93 F.C.C.
Because no interstate tariff was in effect prior to May 1984, billing was by contract to AT&T; other IXCs were billed under ENFIA arrangements.
When ENFIA rates are dropped, the providers of the bypass service will be faced with an option: continue to lease, but at market prices, or install alternative capabilities.
The most likely answer is the ENFIA property tax enacted into law in January 2014.
The cold-blooded Dane greatly focused on the political risk and as such demanded an increase of the surplus, without recognizing the economy's improvement, nor taking the ENFIA revenue into consideration, despite taxpayers turning out to pay more than he had predicted.
O problema e que como ela se enfia em qualquer lugar, e dificil localizar e aplicar veneno (L.
Network Facilities for Interstate Access (ENFIA) rates for local access.
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