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Our research team had already published three books on Enga history and culture (Kyakas and Wiessner 1992; Tumu et al.
The most feasible option for repatriating our information was to draw on existing strengths and rebuild the former museum at the Enga Cultural Centre founded in 1976 by the linguist Dr.
As 14 primeiras comunicacoes apresentadas em Salgado, no 1 ENGA, foram largamente superadas nas reunioes que se seguiram.
A tonica das questoes teorico-metodologicas da Geografia Agraria, temas do I ENGA, em 1978, continuou em pauta.
Mr Enga also informed councillors that the Ministry of Basic Education was investing in boot camps for learners.
Mr Enga reported that 57 pupils at Mathiba Primary School in Maun received shoes from Gigahertz Company while Kwa Nokeng Oil Company sponsored a colouring competition and awarded prizes to pupils at Kubung Primary School amounting to P30 000.
The Cult of Ain was initiated among the Tayato Enga at Lyeimi (aka Lyeime, Lyemi, Ljaima, Lyalyame, Lyalyalaim, Yeimi, and Yeim) (see map).
The first European contacts appear to have been in the late 1920s, when gold prospectors entered Enga territory (ibid.
The statements that Enga and Ipili participants have made about their involvement with the cults and Christianity have varied over this time period based on larger ecological, political, social, and economic concerns.
The western Enga, also called the Taro Enga (Meggitt 1973) or the Tayato Enga (Wiessner and Tumu 1998), are one subset of the approximately 200,000 Enga people living in Papua New Guinea (see Figure 1).
The Enga workers in Panguna were working for BCL, the giant copper mine on the Bougainville island which has now become 'temporarily' abandoned because of prolonged landowner disputes.
The many spells and songs, in the Enga language with an English translation, add to the richness and authenticity of the account.