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When words in the local vernacular are not distinguished as being either Ipili or Enga, that is because both languages use the same word.
Mata (or mara) is what many of the Enga, Ipili, Huli (see Frankel 1986), and Duna (see Sturzenhofecker 1998) initially called the white men.
The Enga people are the largest linguistic and cultural group occupying a northern central location of the Papua New Guinea highlands.
The hypothesis was mainly to be tested by observing how the Enga workers spent their leisure time.
The third theme is about women's influence in Enga society.
This highlights the need for a follow-up volume researching the effects of development and modernity on Enga women's lives.
Councillor Enga urged fellow councillors to encourage their electorates to fully utilise the equipment and look after them.
Real estate service for the sale of residential plots under development in ME*lum Enga housing estate, Eamot.
In 2005 we, Akii Tumu and Polly Wiessner, sought ways to return our 20 years of material on Enga history and tradition to the people of Enga Province (Figure 1).
As 14 primeiras comunicacoes apresentadas em Salgado, no 1 ENGA, foram largamente superadas nas reunioes que se seguiram.
Mr Enga also informed councillors that the Ministry of Basic Education was investing in boot camps for learners.
The Cult of Ain was initiated among the Tayato Enga at Lyeimi (aka Lyeime, Lyemi, Ljaima, Lyalyame, Lyalyalaim, Yeimi, and Yeim) (see map).