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Ways of Exchange: The Enga Tee of Papua New Guinea.
From Inside the Women's House: The Lives and Traditions of Enga Women.
Enga: Foundations for Development, Enga Yaaka Lasemana.
The Enga workers in Panguna were working for BCL, the giant copper mine on the Bougainville island which has now become 'temporarily' abandoned because of prolonged landowner disputes.
In my study I took Panguna as a Papua New Guinea (PNG) mining town and Enga workers as a tribal group.
But for the moment it is evident that the Enga community in and around Panguna still exist in a state of 'urban tribalism'.
Throughout the paper I use the terms Ipili and Enga as a shorthand for the Western Enga and eastern Ipili that live in the communities of Lyeimi, Wailya, and Tipinini.
Near the end of 1999, several thousand Ipili and Enga were baptized by the SDAs in Wabag.
For the most part (but not in all cases), I have adopted the spellings of Wiessner and Tumu for Enga names and words.
Two ethnic groups live in this area: the "Karintsu' Enga (as Meggitt [1956:119-124, 1974:39-41] termed them) (Katinja in Wiessner and Tumu's spelling [ 1998:55]) and the 'Amni' (aka Atone, Aron).
The third theme is about women's influence in Enga society.
This fascinating book provides an opportunity for older Enga women to tell the story of their lives.