ENGVAEuropean Natural Gas Vehicle Association
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Organisers: ENGVA (European Natural Gas Vehicle Association) in conjunction with the Annual European NGV Conference & Exhibit,
ENGVA feels a more balanced attitude on the part of the Commission in favour of natural gas would be welcome given that emphasis has above all been placed since 2004 on hydrogen and biofuels.
The latest figures issued by ENGVA, drawn from a report published in January 2006, show for example that Spain has only one public filling station for natural gas-fuelled vehicles.
sk* ENGVA Conference Speakers include Kevin Leydon (European Commission, DG/Tren) who will speak about the European Union's Alternative Fuels Strategy and the Target 2020, Reinhard Kaiser (German Environment Ministry) who will speak together with Norbert Bleckman (taxi company Bleckman) about How to motivate Taxi Drivers and the role of the government.
ENGVA 9th European Natural Gas Vehicles Conference & Exhibit and Annual Meeting of the Members This event will be held on May 13-15 in Oporto (Portugal).
The ENGVA has been working since 1994 on an alternative European policy on fuels and is delighted that its efforts are finally paying off.