ENGVAEuropean Natural Gas Vehicle Association
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Table 44: Number of Natural Gas Refueling Stations in Europe by Region/Country (2007) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-39 Emerging Alternatives to NGV and Conventional Vehicular Developments III-39 European NGV Initiatives III-39 JOULE-THERMIE Program III-40 ENGVA III-40 Product Launches/Developments III-40 Strategic Corporate Developments III-41 B.
May 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The first edition of the CNG vehicles World Wide Exhibition will be held in Bolzano (Italy) from June 8 to 12 during the 11th ENGVA Annual Conference.
Rob Frings, Managing Director of IMPCO -- Beru Technologies BV said, "working with both the ENGVA and the EU Commission is of much interest to IMPCO.