ENHAElectronic Newsletter for the History of Astronomy
ENHAEssex National Heritage Area (Massachusetts)
ENHAEuropean Nutrition for Health Alliance
ENHAEn-Route Holding Area
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Alpha says the new innovative range of hard hats provides safety managers with a fresh opportunity to reinvigorate the head protection provided to workers and designed and manufactured in ENHA's German facilities, using cutting edge technology and production techniques, all ENHA helmets conform to EN 397 having been tested under different temperatures between 50[degrees]C and -30[degrees]C.
En este caso para la actualizacion y debate de la situacion actual se reproceso la ENHA (INE, 2006) que permitio un acercamiento a las clases sociales rurales segun los diferentes rubros de produccion.
En el caso de Uruguay, estimaciones de este ultimo tipo pueden realizarse utilizando los datos censales de 1996 (censo de poblacion disponible mas reciente), y la informacion proveniente de la Encuesta nacional de hogares ampliada (ENHA) para 2006, que incluyo preguntas especificas que permiten el calculo de la variable.
Malnutrition is a highly prevalent problem, particularly in older persons (ENHA, 2005).
This was the message passed on by the European Nutrition for Health Alliance (ENHA) on 22 November during the conference in Brussels entitled Malnutrition to Wellnutrition - A European Call For Action.
This enha nces the fundamentally democratic educational purpose of reflective participation by all involved.
For example, to allow for differential effects between injectors and noninjectors, we included separate indicator variables for the enha nced intervention and for whether the individual was an injector; we also included a variable created by interacting the enhanced indicator variable and the injector indicator variable.
The second important event was the 1993 Electoral Reform Act, which introduced a form of proportional representation and enha nced Maori representation.
Advocates of ethically based, fiduciary-like obligations to stakeholders have even gone so far as to ask "[w]hat's [s]o [s]pecial [a]bout [s]hareholders?" [18] Alternatively, a persuasive argument is made that firms will be more successful in achieving their primary objective of enha ncing shareholder wealth by adequately reflecting stakeholder interests.
Basically, it has been proved in this connection that success enha nces the perception of leadership, while failure limits it (e.g.