ENHALEEnvironmental Health Advocacy League
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HELENA Montana ANHELE (OED), ENHALE (OED), HAELEN (OED heal), HAENEL (medical), HAENLE (Haenle, person, OED puteanic 1834q), HANELE (OED anneal), HEALEN (OED heal), HEELAN (Heelan OED teedle 1800q), HENLEA (unpreferred genus name for Thryallis, a dicotyledon), HLAENE (OED lean), LEHANE (J Lehane Basketball Fund, OED man 1981q)
On the next pop the fish rushes and enhales the lure.
And, by hanging the bait head down, the pike is most likely to swing the bait head first into the mouth when it enhales it.