ENHGEmirates Natural History Group
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"This is definitely a great community group for people who are interested in learning and discovering the UAE's natural history because there is so much out there to explore," said Arabella Willing, a marine biologist and chair of the ENHG's committee.
The book is divided into roughly equal portions along the acknowledged periodization of German (OHG, MHG, ENHG, NHG (until 1945), and Contemporary German) with each period containing between five and eight sections.
Since exact counts do not exist for present-day German (Wellmann 1975), we compensate for this gap by data available for -er-nominals with N+V base in ENHG. These "synthetic compounds" increase during the ENHG period.
The presentation was hosted by the Al Ain Chapter of the ENHG.
Langer first looks at the distribution of auxiliary tun in other West Germanic languages and in modern German dialects, before turning specifically to ENHG. On the basis of a corpus of 127 geographically and diachronically representative texts drawn from all genres, he firstly argues that while studies suggest auxiliary tun in ENHG can, variously, show aspect or mood, shift focus, or provide emphasis, it is in fact semantically empty, and has no inherent, readily definable grammatical function.
A Fruhneuhochdeutsche Grammatik was begun under difficult circumstances by Virgil Moser, the founder of ENHG studies, two volumes of which were published in Heidelberg by Winter in 1929 and 1951.
and he has been honoured as a life member of the ENHG. He read the
In 2007, Bob was presented with the ENHG's Bish Brown Award, to acknowledge his contributions to the promotion of the study and conservation of the UAE's environment and wildlife, in particular for his work on the ENHG website and his preparation of the electronic archive for Tribulus.
There was so much beauty and so much to discover in the UAE and Oman, which inspired Roy, Liz and other ENHG members and friends to go exploring, and to discover the old settlements and find evidence of past cultures.
1995 volume already mentioned, along with the results of the intertidal survey done by ENHG member Richard Hornby (Tribulus 7:2, 1997; pp.
Prior to the setting up of the Project, almost the only significant entomological work undertaken in the UAE was made by enthusiastic amateurs, many of whom were members of, or associated with, one of the three chapters of the ENHG. These individuals all held responsible and demanding full-time professional occupations and were able only to devote a little of their spare time to the country's entomological biodiversity.