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Consider the ENHG examples in (1) and (2), taken from Thomas (2002: 413, 367).
Perhaps, one could declare this compilation a portrait of the ENHG -lich-derivation.
Joeres 1995) and the process of noun incorporation in ENHG (e.
Neither for OHG nor for ENHG are -er-nominals denoting an EVENT concept reported.
On the basis of a corpus of 127 geographically and diachronically representative texts drawn from all genres, he firstly argues that while studies suggest auxiliary tun in ENHG can, variously, show aspect or mood, shift focus, or provide emphasis, it is in fact semantically empty, and has no inherent, readily definable grammatical function.
Still, despite this (or perhaps because of it), he provides a readable case study of language usage and metalinguistic reflection in ENHG and suggests valuable avenues for further research into the emergence of the German standard language.
ENHG is a stage of the language characterized by diachronic and diatopic variability, which becomes less noticeable towards the end of the period.
Like the others, it has clearly been edited with painstaking care, for I have been able to find no misprints, even in the ENHG quotations.
In 2007, Bob was presented with the ENHG's Bish Brown Award, to acknowledge his contributions to the promotion of the study and conservation of the UAE's environment and wildlife, in particular for his work on the ENHG website and his preparation of the electronic archive for Tribulus.
A director of the Kitchener-Waterloo (Canada) Symphony Orchestra from 1989-1997, he also actively contributed to the ENHG field trips offered to participants of the annual Al Ain Classical Music Festival, as well as being a passionate fan of sumo gaming.
There was so much beauty and so much to discover in the UAE and Oman, which inspired Roy, Liz and other ENHG members and friends to go exploring, and to discover the old settlements and find evidence of past cultures.
In June 2011 they were jointly presented with ENHG Life Membership.