ENHREuropean Network for Housing Research (est. 1988; Uppsala University; Sweden)
ENHREssential National Health Research
ENHREmployer New Hire Reporting (various states)
ENHREuropean Network for Homeopathy Researchers (est. 2004)
ENHREssential National Health Research - African Network
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The field visit included public engagement activities that enabled us to progress four elements of the ENHR process: getting to know the stakeholders; situation analysis/stocktaking; identification of research priority areas; and discussion and ranking of identified research priority areas.
A manual for research priority setting using the ENHR strategy.
Presented in the economics workshop of ENHR in Vienna, Feb, 2004.
Sources: Based on a 1995 questionnaire organized by the ENHR Housing Finance Working Group and supplemented with information from Department of the Environment and Local Government (Dublin) (1988); Hedman (1993); Hills (1998); McCrone and Stephens (1995); Woolwich Building Society (1993), and responses from academics and civil servants in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Finland, and Sweden.
In: 22nd international housing research conference on urban dynamics & housing change--crossing into the 2nd decade of the 3rd millennium, ENHR 2010, 4-7 July, Istanbul.
Research Report presented at the Conference Housing in an expanding Europe: theory, policy, participation and implementation (ENHR).