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ENIACElectronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
ENIACElectronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator (common but incorrect)
ENIACEuropean Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council (Paris, France)
ENIACElectronic Numerical Interpreter and Calculator (common but incorrect)
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ENIAC, the first electronic computer, had roughly the same power as a digital watch or a four-function calculator in 2000.
What made the compute: Thirty, tons of equipment, including 18,000 vacuum tubes, made ENIAC run.
The University of Pennsylvania's ENIAC is operational
1946 The first general-purpose computer, the ENIAC (Electrical numerical Integrator and Calculator) was built.
The publication was born in a decade that saw the end of World War II, the debut of commercial television, and the first digital computer (named ENIAC, weighing 30 tons and standing two stories high).
Cultural anthropologists tell us that we are now 50 years into the information age, which began with the first computer (the ENIAC, or electronic numerical integrator and calculator) in 1946 and has proliferated into a world of e-mail, the Internet, faxes, voice mail, sky-pagers, cellular phones, and video conferencing.
The modem personal computer liberated users from dependence on room-sized mainframe computers like ENIAC and its successors.
Mauchly invented the first computer - the ENIAC (Electrical Numerical Integrator and Computer).
For a concrete example of what this rate of change means, consider ENIAC, the first fully electronic digital computer.
By comparison, ENIAC, the world's first electronic digital computer, could perform only about 5,000 calculations per second and at a cost about 30,000 times higher
Breakthrough work included the UK s Bletchley Park code breakers and the ENIAC ballistics calculation advances in the US.
The venture round was led by Metamorphic Ventures with participation from ENIAC Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Pantera Capital, Rimrock Venture Partners, VegasTechFund, and others.