ENIGElectroless Nickel Immersion Gold (printed circuit board manufacturing process)
ENIGÉcole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Gabès (French: National Engineering School of Gabes; Gabes, Tunisia)
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This and other failure mechanisms are becoming common occurrences within data centers using RoHS-compliant equipment and components produced using the ImmAg process, and to a lesser degree, the ENIG process.
Observers talked of their quickness of sight and agility of limb and muscle, their skills in hunting, tracking and food gathering, and their ability to walk long distances and undergo considerable fatigue and privations (De Vries 1952, cited by Fallon and Enig 1999:579).
Dummy plating has effectively been made obsolete with UIC's ENIG.
Mary Enig prescribe the oral intake of the oil with hot water or herbal tea or bone broth twenty minutes before every meal to lose excess body fat.
Some finishes that they offer include HASL - Lead free solder/Leaded Solder Tin/Nickel, Electroless Soft Gold, ENIG, and Immersion Silver/Tin.
Optog is enig in sy soort want uit die neentien digters is vyf swart vrouedigters se werk opgeneem.
Mary G Enig, PhD, an expert in fatty acids, says that a diet rich in lauric acid should contain around 24 grams--the amount found in a daily supply of mother's milk.
Backward and forward compatibility of SnPb and Pb-free BGA connections was performed on pads with an ENIG finish.
There has been a steady migration away from lead containing HASL, which was once the top final finish choice for PTH and SMT assembly, to alternative materials including OSPs, immersion silver, immersion tin and ENIG or ENEPIG (incorporating electroless palladium as a barrier layer between the nickel and the gold).
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