ENIN4Energy Invest NV (stock symbol; Belgium)
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Therefore ENIN, with the attraction of specialized organizations, studied possibilities of utilizing the shale ash.
Krzhizhanovsky ENIN received, during the development of the technology of oil shale processing by means of the solid heat carrier, more than 60 patents and certificates of recognition, eight of them were patented in 12 foreign countries.
For these purposes, ENIN is currently preparing a special project of UTT-500 for the realization of these technological solutions.
Efforts are made in Russia and Estonia to organize the implementation of the ENIN technology in different countries, first of all, in Israel, Jordan and Morocco, where oil shale is perhaps the countries' only energy resource.
This main special feature demanded solving many scientific and technical problems that served as the basis of investigations carried out by ENIN researchers in 1946-1956.
In addition to the researchers of ENIN, also specialists of the Institute of Chemistry of the Estonian SSR Academy of Sciences, Kivioli Oil Shale Chemical Plant and Kohtla-Jarve Oil Shale Scientific-Research Institute took part in the development of UTT-200 and UTT-500.
Intensive drainage of ice-dammed lakes and formation of proglacial spillways were common for Belling and Older Dryas time in Latvia when main slope-forming processes could take place in the Gauja River valley (Aboltins & Enins 1979; Venska 1982).