ENIPEstonian National Independence Party (political group)
ENIPEnhanced Network Intelligent Platform
ENIPEthernet Industrial Protocol
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La comparacion de los puntajes en la ENIPS entre cursos y edades fue realizada usando ANOVA de una via seguida de test post-hoc de Bonferroni.
ENIP in June 2005 awarded a contract to S&W to revamp the 120,000 tons/year ethylene unit at Skikda and the 100,000 t/y Arzew methanol plant, but the project collapsed in mid-2006.
Due to delays, ENIP in 1994 set the completion date for early 1996, in time to supply the HDPE plant - and the cost of the project including the latter plant was estimated at $300m.
Societe Mediterranenne des Polymeres (Polymed), a JV of ENIP and Repsol/YPF of Spain, has a 130,000 t/y high-density polyethylene (HDPE) complex at Skikda on stream since 2000.
In December 2003 ENIP awarded Invensys a $2m contract to upgrade the outdated pneumatic boiler controls and burner management system at its Skikda complex.
ENIP has planned to complete a technical evaluation of commercial bids for this in the first quarter of 2009.
Sonatrach and ENIP maintain a good working arrangement, consulting each other before either of them plans any new project.
Skikda Aromatics Units: Naftec and ENIP have aromatics units at the Skikda oil refining complex with a capacity to produce: 90,000 t/y of benzenes, about 5,000 t/y of toluenes, 247,000 t/y of xylenes, and 38,000 t/y of paraxylenes.
In late 2004 ENIP shortlisted the French office of Foster Wheeler, ABB and Shaw International for the project management consultancy (PMC) on the rehabilitation of the Skikda ethylene complex and the Arzew methanol plant, both being inefficient and producing much below capacity.