ENLCEastern Nevada Landscape Coalition
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ENLC, PEC, NLC and EC are simulated without decompanding at the receiver [8] [9] [13][14].
For same PAPR, the proposed transform performs better than PLC, PEC and ENLC.
It also performs better than ENLC, NLC, EC and PEC that are simulated without decompanding.
0], slightly degrades as compared to PEC, ENLC, NLC and EC (without decompanding).
5 dB, ACI with the proposed transform is lower than that in case of ENLC with same PAPR.
The most important difference between the NLC and the ENLC for Nevada was the addition of the Uniform Licensure Requirements in the compact itself.
Based in Dallas, Texas, USA, EnLink is publicly traded through its general partner ENLC and the Master Limited Partnership.
The companies will start trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbols ENLC for the general partner and ENLK for the master limited partner.