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And there was no doubt at all that if he could enlist the services of the Phanfasms, their tremendous power, united to the strength of the Growleywogs and the cunning of the Whimsies would doom the Land of Oz to absolute destruction.
At last I turned away from them--rather disheart-ened, for I had hoped to be able to enlist a considerable force of them in an attempt to rush Hooja's horde and rescue Dian.
He would come by night to the side of the Kincaid, and once aboard, would search out the members of the ship's original crew who had survived the terrors of this frightful expedition, and enlist them in an attempt to wrest the vessel from Tarzan and his beasts.
You will go tomorrow to the keeper of the Towers and enlist in that game for which the girl is to be the stake, telling the keeper that you are from Manataj, the farthest city of Manator.
Von Horn was always searching for an opportunity to enlist the aid of the friendly natives in an effort to regain the chest, but so far he had found none who would agree to accompany him even in consideration of a large share of the booty.
And then he found himself with a surplus of gold, deposited in the two newly organized banks; and he was promptly besieged by men and groups of men to enlist his capital in their enterprises.
No, your Majesty," they replied - "we wish to enlist.
This was the department of the subject that took the meeting, and this was the style of speaking to enlist their sympathies.
His object was to enlist an army of workmen, and to collect together the greater part of the materials.
Forced into the uncongenial trade of his stepfather, a master-bricklayer, he soon deserted it to enlist among the English soldiers who were helping the Dutch to fight their Spanish oppressors.
learn to read and write, my lad," said Genestas; "come and enlist in my regiment, have a horse to ride, and turn carabineer.
Only the defeated and deserters go to the wars, cowards that run away and enlist.