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The ENMG results of the 15 patients who were diagnosed as having FD and who were recorded in the Neuromuscular Diseases Polyclinic of Ondokuz Mayis University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Neurology between January 2013 and February 2013 and the ENG results of 15 age-matched healthy controls were retrospectively examined.
Tarafimizca yapilan ENMG bulgulari incelendigi zaman Grup 1 ve Grup 2'de en fazla L5 radikulopatiye ait bulgular tespit edildi.
In cases where paresis follows an HZ infection, the diagnosis is established based on the history of weakness following painful skin lesions, exclusion of other causes of weakness, and an ENMG test (17).
The EMG results of 4759 patients who applied to ENMG laboratory with the referral diagnosis of nontraumatic focal neuropathy were investigated.
Bulgular: Karpal tunel sendromu saptanan 65 hasta ENMG degerlendirme sonuclarina gore hafif derecede sinir kompresyon bulgulari olanlar grup 1 (n=29), orta derece grup 2 (n=18) ve agir derece grup 3 (n=18) olarak uc gruba ayrildi.
Electrodiagnostic study data were used as the standard measurement method in our study and diagnostic sensitivity of ultrasonographical parameters were compared with ENMG.