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We analysed the patients with no ENMG and those performed EMG and can't find any difference between them at ventilation requirement, age, gender and clinical scores at admission, 3, 6 and 12'th months of follow up.
Upper extremity needle ENMG studies were carried out in order to exclude cervical radiculopathy.
Considering the age of complaint onset, absence of any known cardiac involvement, absence of similar complaints in family members, ENMG findings compliant with sensory-motor type neuropathy and accompanying areflexia, the presence of generalized tonicclonic type seizures, our case was determined to indicate chorea-acanthocytosis, which is a neurodegenerative neuroacanthocytosis subgroup.
A ENMG revela lentificacao focal por desmielinizacao segmentar localizada; secundariamente, pode haver degeneracao axonal, particularmente nos casos de compressao mais acentuada e por tempo mais prolongado (13).
Regarding the ENMG examination, 128 (77.1%) patients had abnormal results in any of the parameters analysed.
Stimulation electroneuromyography (ENMG) was performed prior to botulotoxin-A injections (pre-treatment) and 15 days after (post-treatment).
This study was designed to investigate the electroneuromyographic (ENMG) evaluation of the SSR and F wave in FMS and their correlation with clinical outcomes.
Entre os exames realizados destaca-se a eletroneuromiografia (ENMG), ultra-sonografias (US), tomografia computadorizada (TC) e exames laboratoriais especificos (todos com resultados negativos) e, ainda assim continuou sendo tratada como LER mesmo sem apresentar melhoras apesar do repouso.
Meltham v Brook Manor C, Lockwood Con A v Kingsmith Eng B, Peel Walker B v Golcar Lib B, Marsh Con A v Netherton Con, Kingsmith Eng D v Lockwood Con C, Kingsmith Eng E v Woodfield Park A, Lockwood Con D v Peel Walker A, Marsh Con D v Scissett WMC A, Weir Valves v Newsome SC A, Scissett WMC B v Marsh Con C, Kingsmith Enmg A v Lockwood Con B, Woodfield Park B bye, Golcar Lib A v Newsome SC B, David Browns Spts v Marsh Con B, Newsome SC C v Kingsmith Eng C, Newsome SC D bye.