ENMREuropean Network of Mining Regions
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By Ray Mondragon, ENMR * Plateau Director of Economic Development/Government Relations
ENMR granted the college an easement for the use of the fiber-optics link, and two-way television systems were set up in 12 small school districts.
SDN and ENMR bumped into grant terms when it came to purchasing equipment.
A member-owned co-operative serving 24 counties in New Mexico and western Texas, ENMR Plateau has a track record of deploying leading-edge technology, being the first to deploy FTTH in New Mexico and now also the first with fixed wireless VoIP services.
Donna Smith is director, employee services as ENMR Plateau.
Business Wire note: In the company name ENMR-Plateau, there is a bullet between ENMR and Plateau.
The Heroism Award was presented to Tammy Lethgo, agent support coordinator for ENMR Telecom (Clovis, N.
During the visit at ENMR, participants had the opportunity to witness the daily operations of the cooperative and tour part of its service territory, including a stop at a local school that is utilizing interactive TV.
Ken Oswald, safety and security coordinator at ENMR Plateau Telecommunications (Clovis, N.
NEW MEXICO -- Michael Montoya, Jerry Sours, ENMR Plateau Telecommunications; Nancy Cruz, Danny Gray, Douglas Velarde, La Jicarita Rural Telephone Cooperative; Beth Mahill, Frank Sisneros, Penasco Valley Telecommunications; Randy Lieb, Donald Massey, Roosevelt County Rural Telephone Cooperative
Programs like these are extremely valuable," said Tom Phelps, chief executive officer at ENMR * Plateau.
As stated in the opening verbiage of the ENMR * Plateau mission statement, "[Not only is] our mission to provide our members with universal access to high-quality, reasonably priced, progressive telecommunications services, [but we] enhance the quality of life and economic development of our service areas.