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ENNEuropean Neurological Network (study; 1995-1998)
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In addition, Applied and ENN will work together to develop continuous improvement programs that aim to increase module efficiency and lower operating costs.
Duke will collaborate with ENN to develop the eco city and will adapt what is learned from the eco city development as it deploys clean energy technologies.
Mutual acknowledgement of long-term commitment to LNG infrastructure - ENN is expecting to engage in building liquefaction plants in North America and fuel stations through the BLU station brand
ENN shares fell more than 8 per cent on concerns the company's finances may come under strain if it had to increase the offer, while China Gas shares extended gains on the news.
Sandoval's visit to ENN is part of his pioneering 10-day trip, with a delegation of 16 business and government leaders, to China and South Korea on a trade mission, in a bid to foster the relationship between the state and Chinese companies against the backdrop of global economic distress and to pave the foundation for Nevada's growth over the next 20 years.
ENN Solar Energy is the world's leading producer of high performance silicon tandem junction solar modules.
At the 2011 SNEC, ENN Solar Energy exhibited their core product: 540W 5.
The study verified that it was feasible to use a specific strain of micro-algae to reduce plant emissions and set the framework for scaling up the process to involve the application of other ENN proprietary technologies, such as coal gasification, solar photovoltaic modules, and cleaner burning bio-diesel, methanol and dimethyl ether fuels production.
ENN is building its maiden LNG import facility capable of receiving 3 million mt/year in the city of Zhoushan in Zhejiang.
The benefits of fueling with natural gas are significant," said Henry Cai, CEO of ENN Canada.
This agreement is an important milestone for ENN in the United States," explained Peter Irwin, President and CEO of ENN.
The protective effect of ENN against hepatotoxin AFB1 was also tested.