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ENNAÉtablissement National de la Navigation Aérienne (French: National Air Investigation Establishment; Algeria)
ENNAEuropean Network of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization) in Afghanistan
ENNAÉcole Normale Nationale d'Apprentissage (French teacher training school)
ENNAEastern Norwalk Neighborhood Association (Norwalk, CT)
ENNAEgyptian NGOs Network Against AIDS
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The program has been designed to equip Algeria with an integrated air traffic management system operated by ENNA with latest-generation tools and optimal capacities to plan and order the traffic in the country's airspace.
Vana explained how her family coped with the long process to get Enna back to health.
Cluster 2 included only two accessions (Nera di Enna and Bisacquino) that showed late phenology, seeds with intermediate dimensions, a low lipid content in the grain, and low grain productivity.
Por consiguiente, el episodio del teatro de Enna se trata de un hecho de vital importancia para la problematica de la relacion entre esclavos rebeldes y libres pobres en la revuelta, pues de ser correcta esta interpretacion que sostenemos del pasaje Diod.
Enna was diagnosed with a brain tumour after a visit to an optician in June revealed swelling behind her left eye.
Height of innovation: Their fusion of Hip- hop moves with Tamil folk for the hit Tamil song, Enna pore pore, won acclaim.
com, 0800 900200); Enna two-seater sofa in mocha fabric pounds 349 Buy one get one free (www.
In this sequel to Goose Girl and Enna Burning, Enna, Finn, and Razo are sent to Tira with the Bayern ambassador, where they discover a plot to kill the ambassador and plunge both countries into war.
Octavius Pickard-Cambridge (1897) created a new genus, Enna O.
E bem parece seer uerdade que estas flores e as outras muytas que som achadas enna Sancta Scriptura, demostram e significam flores spirituaaes uirtuosas [.
The team were led off by Anyika Onuora, sister of former Town striker Iffy, who in turn passed to Enna Ania as the British team came home in 43.
For Parry these might lie in mnemonic traces of history or in the annually re-enacted Easter Parade in the Sicilian town of Enna, and can be crystallized in spaces such as the small shrines which stud Bombay's urban fabric.