ENNOEuropean Network of Nursing Organisations
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"For example, on the shop floor of the DCC, we have Microsoft HoloLens and you can do predictive maintenance through augmented reality, immersing yourself into the job of a maintenance engineer," says Enno de Boer, principal at McKinsey.
Historian Wieland Giebel, the exhibit's curator, and museum entrepreneur Enno Lenze told the German media that they wanted to show how low a society can go when it hands over the reins to a dictator.
The researchers from Enno Rey Netzwerke (ERNW) in Germany, spent months analyzing an Ullim tablet and noted that North Korean engineers make major modifications to the OS that would allow for a significant level of surveillance on users and high level of control on the content that can be accessed onthe device.
All were highly virtuosic, though the highlight of the set was probably Fell by the German Enno Poppe, a 10-minute long tour de force for extended drum kit that almost had me gasping for breath.
The end-result is a combined solution that enables audio professionals to instantly switch Pro Tools sources, informed Enno Littmann, managing director of IHSE.
Additionally, Frank Heislitz, of Freudenberg Performance Materials; Enno Henze, of Johns Manville, Krystof Malawaniec of Paul Hartmann and Christian Marx, of DuPont were elected for an additional three-year term.
Ten specimens of juveniles of Diplodon enno (Family Hyriidae, Superfamily Unionacea) were collected on the [1.sup.st] of April of 2007, at the water channel that connects Sao Francisco river reservoirs of Moxoto and Paulo Afonso (-9.38971 latitude and -38.238574 longitude), belonging to CHESF (Sao Francisco Hydroelectric Company), City of Paulo Afonso, Bahia, Brazil (see Figure 1).
Siegwerk's Enno Urbeinz said that there are two key points for the future of the label industry: low migration and LED.
He was at it again last night, loudly proclaiming the merits of coal-fired power stations at Morebottle's traditional New Year Hang over Gathering (where the good farmer's many Scottish pals were notably absent, scared off-road by the Border Breathalyzer Brigade's road block at Coldstream Bridge.) We ignored his antediluvian argument by adroitly switching to subjects more appropriate to the season, such as why your column ist has been overlooked YET AGAIN in the Honours List, a fact which caused a friend to email commiserations from far-off New Zealand where, given the time dif-difference, she had scoured the media in vain for word of my enno blement a full 12 hours before I could.
Several long-time board members are leaving, and Vice Chairman Enno Osinga, who would ordinarily ascend to the chairman's role next May, is retiring.
Ernest Enno, 55, of 227 Holden St., Worcester, charged with driving with a suspended license, found responsible, fined $300.