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ENNSEuropean Neural Network Society
ENNSEarly Neonatal Neurobehavioral Scale (newborn responses test)
ENNSEarly Neonatal Neurobehavioral Score (maternal medications effects)
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At midday the Russian baggage train, the artillery, and columns of troops were defiling through the town of Enns on both sides of the bridge.
At the bend of the Danube, vessels, an island, and a castle with a park surrounded by the waters of the confluence of the Enns and the Danube became visible, and the rocky left bank of the Danube covered with pine forests, with a mystic background of green treetops and bluish gorges.
Among them is a fine piece by Enns himself on the ambivalent positions regarding violence in Christianity and the potential of ecumenical discussion on just peace.
The company will also increase the number of its workers in Enns by 50 to a total of 260.
you're sitting there thinking, 'I'm not going to be able to farm anymore," says Enns.
This new satellite modem will enable tighter carrier spacing so more traffic can be packed into a transponder, commented Daniel Enns, Senior Vice President Marketing & Business Development for Comtech EF Data.
The authors, each a respected biblical scholar, speak from their respective religious traditions: Brettler as an observant Jew, Enns as an evangelical Christian and representative of a Protestant perspective more broadly, and Harrington as a Roman Catholic.
Enns, RN of Fort Worth, Texas has been included in the Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Edition for her outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of healthcare.
Indeed, in an experiment in which participants had to perform two different tasks on T1 and T2 (T1 was a diagonal line segment whose orientation was to be reported and T2 was a letter to be identified), Kawahara, Zuvic, Enns, and Di Lollo (2003) reported that such a task switching between T1 and T2 was sufficient to produce the AB without backward masking of T2.
Original shareholders Willie and Joyce Zimmermann and Harry Enns are still active in the daily operations of the farm.
Friedrich Kittler, Optical Media: Berlin Lectures 1999, Anthony Enns (trans), Cambridge and Malden, MA, Polity Press, 2009, 250 pp, 17.
More than 120 guests joined directors and management of JCT600 for a laser technique unveiling of the new model and a presentation by Bentley designer Viti Enns.