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ENOEnglish National Opera
ENOEagles Nest Outfitters (Asheville, NC)
ENOExhaled Nitric Oxide
ENOEnvironment Online (online network)
ENOEssentially Non-Oscillatory
ENOEuropean Northern Observatory (Canary Islands, Spain)
ENOEducation Network of Ontario (Canada)
ENOEditor of New Objects (France)
ENOEngineering Night Out
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The man who envisioned Eno Vino is a veteran operator with American restaurant management skills and international food and beverage savvy.
Steve Eno, who put out his first box six years ago and was immediately hooked, notes the deep gratification that goes along with creating a successful bluebird nest site: "Each sighting of a bluebird in a box," he says, "is a little miracle.
Yet Eno uses the word Ruist in the same way he uses it when he extends his picture over two hundred years to Hsun Tzu.
Lower air pollution levels during the 2008 Olympics also were associated with reduced eNO.
John McMurray, head of casting at ENO said: "We were very excited when we first heard Rhian in audition and we straight away offered her understudies in our new productions of Don Giovanni and The Return of Ulysses.
From his hugely influential early days in Roxy Music to producing U2 and Coldplay, Eno remains one of rock's great pioneering spirits.
Their children and their spouses are Debbie and Matt Evoniuk of Portland, Greg Eno of Eugene and Dana and Kelly Rowan of Spokane.
Meanwhile, Bryan Ferry has recruited another Roxy original, Brian Eno, for a star-studded solo album.
Life of Brian On Some Faraway Beach - The Life And Times Of Brian Eno David Sheppard, Orion, pounds 12.
Brian Eno, one of the founder members of 70s glam and art rock hitmakers Roxy Music, and now a respected newspaper columnist and record producer, spoke out in favour of the proposed eco-village at Eastgate, Weardale.
Trio Sayed Moawad, Ahmed Fathi and Moataz Eno returned from suspension, as well as fit-again duo Wael Gomaa and Shadi Mohamed.
The next three Talking Heads albums were all produced by former Roxy Music man Brian Eno, before Byrne and Eno, during a Talking Heads downtime, teamed-up for My Life In the Bush of Ghosts in 1981.