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ENOEnglish National Opera
ENOEagles Nest Outfitters (Asheville, NC)
ENOExhaled Nitric Oxide
ENOEnvironment Online (online network)
ENOEssentially Non-Oscillatory
ENOEuropean Northern Observatory (Canary Islands, Spain)
ENOEducation Network of Ontario (Canada)
ENOEditor of New Objects (France)
ENOEngineering Night Out
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Similar results were obtained for eNO and other outcomes or by setting the cutoff for total serum IgE at 56 kIU/L, the 50th percentile value (data not shown).
Famed music producer Brian Eno is bringing his groundbreaking visual art to Tyneside.
Andy McKay arrived fresh from Reading University and brought along Brian Peter George St John Baptiste de la Salle Eno (known simply as Eno), from Ipswich and Winchester School of Art.
Eno later teamed up with Lanois to co-produce the album, which was to be U2 first big international success.
Byrne's other groundbreaking works include 1981's My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts - made in collaboration with U2/Heads producer Brian Eno.
Anti-nuclear campaigner Eno, 59, was appointed by Nick Clegg to advise on youth issues.
Weardale councillor John Shuttleworth said: "I am delighted to hear that somebody as well known as Brian Eno has heard of Eastgate.
Trio Sayed Moawad, Ahmed Fathi and Moataz Eno returned from suspension, as well as fit-again duo Wael Gomaa and Shadi Mohamed.
Iconic singer-songwriter Simon summons Brian Eno to create 'sonic landscapes' for his songs and it's a marriage made, if not in heaven, then somewhere on the stairway to.
Eno and her mother, Kimberly Eno, both of Peabody; two brothers, Gary W.
Our findings also suggest that exposure to BC may have a lagged effect on eNO for up to 10 hr, in addition to an immediate effect.
In their own words: "If you can imagine Van Basten''s goal in '88 scored by Eno for East Germany, you may be able to unravel the randomness of Land of Bingo.