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ENOBEffective Number Of Bits
ENOBEquivalent Number of Bits
ENOBEnemy Order of Battle
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As a guide, since SNR and signal to noise and distortion ratio (SINAD) values are not listed in the datasheet, an ENOB of about 14.
ENOB is a function of both noise and distortion, and it is an excellent way to summarize the overall quality of a converter.
Furthermore," he continued, "the ADC resolution and novel front-end analog design combine to provide significantly higher ENOB as compared to traditional oscilloscopes, allowing for faster and higher quality measurements in characterization and manufacturing environments.
This is a better method of selecting an ADC than by simply stating the converter's resolution or even its ENOB as it factors in the effects of distribution of total noise.
And Rohde & Schwarz demonstrated its RTO scope performing several mixed-domain demos that implied a good dynamic range and high ENOB.
ENOB is the number of bits that an ideal ADC would need to deliver the same measured SIN AD as a real ADC with the same input.
DC drift and gain accuracy are important aspects as well as a channel's pulse response and the associated ADC's ENOB performance.
Coupled with a new low-noise front end, the S-Series delivers an ENOB (effective number of bits) for the system of more than eight, the highest in the industry.
The detailed specifications are complete, covering crosstalk, SFDR, THD, SINAD, and ENOB at a variety of frequencies and under different conditions.
2 ENOB is expected over bandwidths ranging from a few MHz to 80MHz, cellular LTE occupying the lower end, whilst WiFi s 802.