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ENOBEffective Number Of Bits
ENOBEquivalent Number of Bits
ENOBEnemy Order of Battle
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van Roermund, "A 10b/12b 40 kS/s SAR ADC with data-driven noise reduction achieving up to 10.1b ENOB at 2.2 fJ/conversion-step," IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, vol.
With 100 oversampling ratios and the front-end resistance control word G = 0, 66.21 dB SNDR is achieved, referring to 10.71-bit ENOB. When OSR is set to 128, the sigma delta modulator can provide 11.2-bit ENOB.
Pons, "A 1.8-V 1.6-GSample/s 8-b self-calibrating folding ADC with 7.26 ENOB at Nyquist frequency," IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, vol.
At least that was true until the recent development of an oscilloscope that defies convention by only using one ADC to significantly reduce distortion and provide a high voltage per division setting while enabling a higher effective-number-of-bits (ENOB) value.
The 10-GHz single-core A/D converter provides an outstanding dynamic range (ENOB > 7 bit).
A note on the Teledyne LeCroy website states, "As with all members of Teledyne LeCroy's HDO family, the [10-bit] HD09000 utilizes an exceptionally low-noise system architecture that delivers outstanding effective number of bits (ENOB)."