ENOIElectronic Notice of Intent
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The New Orleans electric distribution system sustained unprecedented damage due to hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the multiple levee failures, said Ken Spann, ENOI manager of metro area design.
Electrical service is available to all of New Orleans Metro area, said Rod West, director of distribution operators for ENOI. "Approximately 98 percent of the distribution system has been returned to operation, but less than 50 percent of ENOI's pre-Katrina customers are currently taking service," West added.
ENOI understands and accepts its "obligation to serve" its customers in the New Orleans area, and the concomitant investments that have been and must be made toward that end, West continued.
Despite making the investment to restore power availability to more than 97 percent of its service territory, less than 45 percent of ENOI's pre-Katrina customer base has returned to the area.
* The greater the level of ENOI, the greater the borrowing capacity.
* The lower the risk in ENOI, the greater the borrowing capacity.
* For a given level of ENOI and a given amount of borrowing, the lower the risk of the ENOI the lower the cost of borrowing.
On the day of this interview, he had been president and chief executive officer of ENOI for three years.
The cost for ENOI exceeded $700 million, which put it in bankruptcy until May 2007, four months after West was named CEO.
ENOI's focus in 2010 is no different than it was in 2004-2005: providing safe, reliable power at the lowest reasonable cost while being environmentally responsible.
Entergy Corporation, the parent company of ENOI, has long been at the forefront of battling for the well-being of its customers.
ENOI is also heavily focused on a multiyear gas rebuild project designed to replace 840 miles of pipe damaged by salt water (see P&GJ April 2010 page 28).