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ENOLEmployers Non-Ownership Liability
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Table 4 statistically compares the model simulated streamflow with (EnKF) and without (EnOL) ESA CCI SM assimilation at the six hydrologic sites in the upper Huai River basin except for Huangchuan (Figure 1).
Calculated at the 6-311++g(3d,3p) level of theory, free energy differences between ketone and enol forms (Figure 6, predominating N-invertomers shown) suggest that, in water, granatanone should have a higher enol form contribution than tropinone (Table 4).
According to the electronic delocalisation, which is enhanced upon deprotonation, the ligand is very versatile, becausethioneand ketone formswereeasilytransformed into thiol and enol forms depending on pH [32, 33].
The optimized geometric structures and the corresponding hydrogen bond lengths of enol and keto form for 1 in the ground and the first singlet excited state were calculated using DFT and TD-DFT with the B3LYP functional and the [6-31G.sup.**] basis set (Figure 4).
Esses enolatos sao normalmente gerados in situ pela reacao do trimetilsilil enol eter ou enol carbonatos com metil litio ou por desprotonacao do composto carbonilado, normalmente com KH ou Li[N[(SiC[H.sub.3]).sub.2]] [41].
Here, we studied the acute effects of Askarel (which contains Aroclor 1260) and two substitute transformer fluids (the silicone oil-based DC561 and the mineral oil-based ENOL C) on rat testicular steroidogenesis.
The NMR spectrum in DCC[l.sub.3] showed the following characteristics: a complex series of signals at 1-4 ppm which we assigned to various aliphatic protons, the number of peaks being doubled because both enol and keto tautomers were present (Fig.
According to the company, the Fuxin China site produces the carbapenem intermediate Enol Phosphate (ertapenem, meropenem and tebipenem) under its active Drug Master File, as well as other carbapenem intermediates.
In solution, the NMR spectra in CD[Cl.sub.3] showed that it exists in the enol form 4C which agreed with our previous reported data [35], rather than keto form 4A (Figure 2).
Danico Johnson and Bako were thwarted by City keeper Enol Ordonez inside the opening quarter of an hour but Reds almost paid the price when Jack Uttridge shanked into Brad Catlow's arms.