ENOREngine Not Operationally Ready
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The ENOR algorithm generates a frequency-independent set of orthonormal vectors, called basis V, which spans the solution space which is sufficient to faithfully reflect the interaction between fields at ports in limited frequency range.
It is based on the general idea presented in [10], where 2-D scalar FEM method and macro-elements reduced by the ENOR algorithm [3] were used.
2] into macro-elements by means of model order reduction (MOR) [10] using the ENOR algorithm [3], Equation (4) have to be transformed to the following form:
This form of equations is compliant with the ENOR algorithm.
In the ENOR algorithm the projection vectors V are calculated for one arbitrarily chosen frequency so and remain frequency-independent.
The ENOR concession is a 1,425 square kilometer plot of land located in mineral rich-region southern Algeria.
ENOR produced 18,500 ounces of gold from the concession in 1H09.
With an established and experienced operating and exploration team already in place, ENOR shareholders have approved management's gold exploration plans.
In our research we focus on the ENOR algorithm [24], which is a common method capable of solving linear problems.
The ENOR algorithm produces a set of orthogonal vectors spanning the subspace with a reduced number of state variables.
enors Alfie Boe, Wynne Evans nd John Owen-Jones will also ature on the festival stage.