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ENOUGHEnergy Needed Offshore Under Gas Hikes Act (US legislation)
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It was considered as being bad enough to be a slave; but to be a poor man's slave was deemed a disgrace indeed!
I had just work enough to do, in mounting my employer's drawings, to keep my hands and eyes pleasurably employed, while my mind was left free to enjoy the dangerous luxury of its own unbridled thoughts.
And at last, sure enough, all the circus men could do, the horse broke loose, and away he went like the very nation, round and round the ring, with that sot laying down on him and hanging to his neck, with first one leg hanging most to the ground on one side, and then t'other one on t'other side, and the people just crazy.
Hudig, the figure at the other end of that passage, and memorable enough in its way.
Don't leave me time enough to take the stingy view of five hundred pounds.
You will have light enough to see the cats by," she said, "without having too much light for
Not stern enough, however; for what I did not realize was my weak and nervous state, in which a glass would have the same effect on me as three or four upon a healthy man.
As soon as we were all well awake we began to discuss the situation, which was serious enough.
Overcoming a strong repugnance, I tore open his shirt at the neck, and there, sure enough, hanging to a bit of tarry string, which I cut with his own gully, we found the key.
Can it be supposed that there would not be found one man, discerning enough to detect so atrocious a conspiracy, or bold or honest enough to apprise his constituents of their danger?
The king bounded forward to be nearer to the person who was about to enter, but, suddenly reflecting that it was a movement unworthy of a sovereign, he paused, assumed a noble and calm expression, which for him was easy enough, and waited with his back turned towards the window, in order, to some extent, to conceal his agitation from the eyes of the person who was about to enter.
I have lived long enough in this world to know that the sense of Propriety, in nine Englishwomen out of te n, makes no allowances and feels no pity.