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ENPEuropean Neighbourhood Policy
ENPEverglades National Park
ENPEmergency Nurse Practitioner
ENPEmergency Number Professional (NENA)
ENPElectroless Nickel Plating
ENPEnterprising Non-Profits
ENPendotoxin-neutralizing protein
ENPEmbedded NPrinter (Novell NetWare)
ENPÉcole Nationale de Perfectionnement (French: National School of Development)
ENPExecutive Next Practices (business program)
ENPExpected Net Profit
ENPElectronic News Processing
ENPExtended Negotiation Procedure
ENPEuropean National Party
ENPElastomeric Nano Particle
ENPElephant Nature Park (Thailand)
ENPEspacios Naturales Protegidos (Spanish: Protected Areas Management)
ENPepicardiac nerve plexus
ENPElderly Nutrition Program (various locations)
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Summarizing the discussion, Brodi maintained that the ENP could a be tool which could facilitate change and help progression in the ENP countries and he hoped that the conditions would allow for Ukraine's (and other ENP members) continual progression without the pressure of strict deadlines.
The European Commission is to publish the ENP reform proposals on 20 April.
During the opening plenary session, EU officials explained the ENP reporting process and Action Plan.
The European Parliament has, for now, rejected the idea that Kazakhstan could one day become an ENP member.
In conjunction with these acquisitions, ENP has entered into new oil and natural gas hedges covering a substantial portion of the estimated production related to the proved developed reserves from these acquisitions for the next several years.
ENP is pleased to be selected as advisor to VAE and its regional partners from Estonia, Latvia and Poland as they move forward to build their new nuclear power plant," said Exelon Generation Senior Vice President and ENP Chief Executive Officer Amir Shahkarami.
Bilateral Association Agreements were concluded by 2004 with most Southern ENP partners, while enhancement of the relations with most advanced partners is currently ongoing (for example, the advanced status - statut avance - has been implemented with Morocco since 2008).
Enlargement and ENP Stefan Fule said for five years, the EU has been
Through its integrated approach, the ENP will provide evidence that will lead to the creation of robust and effective public health policy and practice in nutrition.
In addition, ENP has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire certain non-operated working interests in producing oil and natural gas assets in Sweetwater County, Wyoming from an undisclosed seller for a purchase price of $28.
24 billion euros has been transferred from other existing resources, and will now be made available in support of the ENP.
In conjunction with this acquisition, both VNR and ENP have entered into new oil and natural gas hedges covering a substantial portion of the estimated production through 2014.