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ENPEuropean Neighbourhood Policy
ENPEverglades National Park
ENPEmergency Nurse Practitioner
ENPEmergency Number Professional (NENA)
ENPElectroless Nickel Plating
ENPEnterprising Non-Profits
ENPendotoxin-neutralizing protein
ENPEmbedded NPrinter (Novell NetWare)
ENPÉcole Nationale de Perfectionnement (French: National School of Development)
ENPExecutive Next Practices (business program)
ENPExpected Net Profit
ENPElectronic News Processing
ENPExtended Negotiation Procedure
ENPEuropean National Party
ENPElastomeric Nano Particle
ENPElephant Nature Park (Thailand)
ENPEspacios Naturales Protegidos (Spanish: Protected Areas Management)
ENPepicardiac nerve plexus
ENPElderly Nutrition Program (various locations)
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This paper is organized as follows: In the next section theoretical derivations of ENP and ENPD are described.
The present research follows the structure of a policy analysis thus attempting to interpret the structures and bureaucratic procedures of the ENP from the perspective of the overall management of this policy and not only in terms of its internal consistency and efficiency.
If you have ever considered widening your knowledge on EU and ENP related issues, then you should definitely get involved in this professional and exclusive educational initiative.
The ENP framework is proposed to 16 of EU's closest neighbours, including the states participating in the abovementioned meeting.
Yet the ENP is only one of a large stack of policies covering the EU's neighborhood.
Efforts must also be made by the EU in its implementation of the ENP.
basis of this year's report and with a view to sustained implementation of the ENP Action Plan in 2013,1 Armenia is invited to:
ENP was thus able to narrow down where no-motor zones would be effective while at the same time receiving widespread support from anglers, guides and the public.
Como organo docente del MSP, la ENP cuenta--entre otras--con las
This could involve an enhanced EU role in the co-presidency, new UFM projects with a civil society focus, and greater emphasis on political conditionality through the ENP.
The interests to be acquired by ENP have estimated total net proved reserves of 2.
A' The ENP country report said that A'progress in many areas, such as governance and public finance management, was achieved in a context of occupation with continued Israeli incursions into areas that are formally under the control of the PA.