ENPAEnte Nazionale Protezione Animali (Italian: National Agency for Animal Protection; Torino, Italy)
ENPAEuropean Newspaper Publishers' Association
ENPAExmoor National Park Authority (UK)
EnPAEnvironmental Performance Agreement
ENPAExmoor National Park Association (UK)
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Self-regulation is an essential element to maintaining a diverse, free and independent press in Europe," said ENPA President, Ivar Rusdal.
It was the President of ENPA - the Italian equivalent of the RSPCA - 70-year-old Roberto Nicoletti, who drove me through the hills around San Remo to see Kimba.
It will be the 19th Annual Conference held by ENPA and all Enrolled Nurses, Assistants in Nursing and others with an interest in Enrolled Nursing (e.
ENPA was formed by NSW enrolled nurses to meet their own needs and expectations.