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Barons have a place in the ENPL, and clubs have until June 1 to say whether they will take part in the next campaign.
Cowley also said he was unconcerned by fears that Planet Ice, who run the Skydome, would move another team in to replace the Blaze, and play that side in the ISL or ENPL.
I won't drop down below the ENPL because that won't help me, but I'll listen out to any offers.
Coventry agreed to the game against the English National Premier League side in the summer, and pledged to use just four imports, to match ENPL rules.
Practising with better calibre players will bring his game on; he was a strong player in the ENPL and he has experience of the FBNL, but this will be the highest standard he has played at.
They are being brought in to the side for the game against Lightning, who play in the English National Premier League, as Coventry will follow ENPL rules and use just four imports.
The ENPL sides only play each other once home and away and have a smaller workload.
Yesterday it was announced that the new Peterborough and Milton Keynes outfits have been accepted into the ENPL.