ENRDEndoscopy Negative Reflux Disease
ENRDEuropean Network for Rural Development (also seen as EN RD; EU)
ENRDE-Network Research and Development (Nepal)
ENRDEnvironmental and Natural Resource Division
ENRDEngraved Non-Radiative Dielectric
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Cruden mentioned the ENRD has been consumed with prosecuting illegal wildlife and timber trafficking cases.
np from additional online sources HLCIT 25 HLCIT + USAID 1 HLCIT + READ 1 HLCIT + ENRD 1 READ 21 28 49 FIT 2 8 10 FIT + KOICA + NITC 1 ENRD 19 RUPP 3 RUPP + NTA 6 USAID 10 HLCIT + FIT + 1 Kathmandu University Computer Club NICT + ICT4D 9 (UNDP) South Asia 10 Partnership Nepal NWNP 25 UNESCAP (CeCs) 6 UNESCO (CMCs) 5 Synergy Nepal 16 16 National 14 Information Technology Development Society (CIC) 91 86 177 * * Calculation of total number of Tele-centres limited due to lack of complete and the most up to date information Figure 1: Type of Internet Connectivity Available Number of telecentres with given connectivity type Dial up 88 Wireless 20 VSAT 8 Leased line 2 % Total Dial up 96.
The ENRD noted that the AGP facility was allegedly operating in violation of the Clean Air Act's New Source Review (NSR) provisions, which require a source to install pollution controls and undertake other pre-construction obligations to control air pollution emissions when there is new construction.
The] consent decree will ensure that AGP's Hastings ethanol plant will comply with the Clean Air Act and minimize its emissions of air pollutants, as it continues to provide an important new source of automobile fuel for the American public," said ENRD acting assistant attorney general Kelly Johnson.
See also DOJ, ENRD FY2011 Accomplishments Report: Summary of Litigation Accomplishments, http://www.
gov/jmd/2013justification/, and information provided by DOJ ENRD staff in written communication to CRS, June 19, 2012.
118) As of 2004, ENRD employed more than 400 attorneys to handle more than 10,000 cases per year in all federal jurisdictions.
Recognizing that ENRD lawyers are often placed in the position of
record, the ENRD Guidance initially counsels that it is "critical
DOJ's resource (funding/staff) requirements and outlays associated with its litigation activities under the major federal pollution control statutes are, in the main, a subset of the funding (proposed and previously appropriated) for ENRD in its annual budget justifications.
ENRD under the Office of the Governor is working closely with DENR and local government units (LGUs) in implementing policies to prevent the destruction of habitat of wildlife that leads to extinction.