ENREEnte Nacional Regulador (Spanish)
ENREEnvironmental and Natural Resource Economics (University of Rhode Island and National University of Ireland, Galway)
ENREEnergy, Natural Resources and the Environment
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by the ENRE as sectors in which the government has a natural monopoly,
Concerning hydro energy, the ENRE has said that "the gross
the ENRE, which evaluates it using economic efficiency criteria.
an application to the ENRE explaining the project and the reasons why
402) If the ENRE approves the project and the beneficiaries do not
xiii) Comadira, Julio; "Reflexiones sobre la regulacion de los servicios publicos privatizados y los entes reguladores (con particular referencia al ENERGAS, ENRE, CNT y ETOSS)", en Revista Juridica El Derecho T: 162:1135.
This was applied following publication of the corresponding resolution by ENRE, the sector regulator.
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