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ENRICOEnhanced Resource and Information Control
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Enrico Piccolomini saw the chase and was himself in at the finish; and the affair, his one great adventure in the world, gave him wealth as well as material for conversation to the end of his days.
For retailers, relates Enrico, there is a significant global consumer need for Neuropasil--especially with the rapid growth rate of people suffering from diabetes.
Laura Jacobus in her deeply considered account which has been twenty years in the making, rejects this simplistic theory by reconstructing in extraordinary detail all that can be learned about Enrico Scrovegni's life and the progress of work on his chapel.
Is Enrico admitting he drives while allowing his children to roam freely in the back seat?
WHEN A SPEEDY CASHIER steps up to a register in a row of supermarket checkout stations staffed by slower-moving clerks, a surprising "spillover effect" occurs, write Alexandre Mas and Enrico Moretti, economists at the University of California, Berkeley.
of Torino), the June 2007 course "Strangeness and Spin in Fundamental Physics" at the "Enrico Fermi" International School of Physics (sponsored by the Societa Italiana di Fisica) dealt with recent discoveries concerning the quantum numbers of strangeness and spin, which both relate to basic properties of the fundamental quantum field theories describing strong and electro-weak interactions and their phenomenological applications and which, in instances like the partonic spin structure of the proton, are sometimes deeply correlated.
"Tagliatelle is much better for Bolognese sauce than spaghetti for example," said Enrico, who takes his turn as guest chef tutor in Saturday morning open cookery classes at La Trattoria in Talbot Green.
Hot on Enrico's trail is Toni, who, in a clever piece of situational comedy, shoots Enrico only seconds before Julia arrives in the onetime mafioso's hotel room.
Yesterday father Enrico said his son had been studying sports sciences at Northumberland College.
He has a supporter in Alf Sarin of North Shields, who referred to a reference book which states that Enrico Caruso's Vista La Giubba was the first title to achieve a cumulative sale of a million copies.
Franco De Vita, principal of American Ballet Theatre's Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School, and Raymond Lukens, a teacher at the school, both earned the Enrico Cecchetti Diploma.