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ENSAEcole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture (French)
ENSAÉcole Nationale Supérieure d'Art (French: National School of High Art)
ENSAEnterprise Network Storage Architecture (Compaq)
ENSAEntertainments National Service Association (WWII-era UK organization)
ENSAEuropean Neutron Scattering Association
ENSAEastern Nebraska Soccer Association (Omaha, NE)
ENSAEcole National Supérieur d'Agronomie
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He decided if he couldn't fight then he would entertain the troops instead - so auditioned for ENSA.
AUSTIN, Texas, April 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Interactive energy platform developer, Innovari, has signed on with ENSA, a subsidiary of the EPM Group, to implement a grid optimization program with the Panamanian utility in an effort to manage peak demand and more efficiently use generation resources.
Another Newcastle man opened an ENSA cinema at Eindhoven when windows in the Dutch city were still being shattered by shell blasts - and the lads queued up.
A spokeswoman for ENSA said consumers routinely referred to liquid soya as 'soya milk' and the law should be changed to reflect this.
At 94, Joan Hall can look back at a career that saw her travel wartime Britain as part of ENSA, the Entertainment National Service Association, become the accompanist of choice for whole generations of stars appearing at the old Coventry Hippodrome, and teach piano to more than a thousand pupils, some the grandchildren of former students.
Just before leaving for Europe, Wyn was part of an ENSA cast performing with Noel Coward in front of an audience including the leader of Free France and future French President Charles de Gaulle, in London's West End.
Entertainment in the marquee will be hosted by Colin Bourdiec, a George Formby tribute who will serenade visitors with classic tunes such as When I'm Cleaning Windows, while he also has a WW2 ENSA routine that will take his audience back to the 1940s.
ENSA's exposure to fuel price through power purchase agreements (approximately 60% of contracts with thermoelectric generation companies) may decrease, since ENSA will add new energy contracts as the country increases its hydroelectric generation.
ENSA is intended to make storage "a utility service to the enterprise" by allowing heterogeneous storage devices to work together in a flexible, easy-to-manage manner.
JOSHUA: Other than ENSA, what's the status of the DEC acquisition in terms of products and product lines?
During the Review Conference, ENSA members met together to discuss the future role of ecumenical agencies in controling small arms.
ENSA is fully committed to supplying quality components to the industry," said Francisco Ballesteros, President and CEO of ENSA.