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ENSAEnterprise Network Storage Architecture
ENSAEcole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture (French)
ENSAÉcole Nationale Supérieure d'Art (French: National School of High Art)
ENSAEnterprise Network Storage Architecture (Compaq)
ENSAÉcole Nationale Supérieure des Armées (French military school; Benin)
ENSAEntertainments National Service Association (WWII-era UK organization)
ENSAEuropean Neutron Scattering Association
ENSAEastern Nebraska Soccer Association (Omaha, NE)
ENSAEcole National Supérieur d'Agronomie
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Building on the ENSA experience with grants, the CSO Fund is conceived to be a tool that will champion a new way to motivate CSOs to extend their services to the hard to reach communities, promoting initiatives which have a huge social impact,' the minister added.
The incidence of relatively low-quality entertainments gave rise to the somewhat overdrawn witticism that ENSA actually stood for "Every Night Something Awful.
A few weeks later on May 14, six days after fighting in Europe ended, Wyn sailed to France with an ENSA troupe to entertain allied soldiers in newly liberated France, Holland and Belgium and into newly defeated Germany.
Manuel Arancibia, Innovari president for Latin America, said, 'We are thrilled to be working with ENSA on this project to help deliver reliable electric power to its end-use customers.
The financial organisation has signed a joint venture with ENSA in which Standard Chartered will hold 60% of the share capital of the bank and ENSA will hold 40% of the share capital of the bank.
DO you know who TAZ is, or do you remember the ENSA performers at St Mary's?
In February 2009, Japan Steel Works supplied ENSA with the first of six forgings required to fabricate one ESBWR reactor pressure vessel.
ENSA also organized a side-event entitled "The Lethal Trade: A Spiritual Perspective.
In the United Kingdom during the war, everyone in show business had to give at least six weeks per year to ENSA (Entertainment National Service Association).
As a 19-year-old RAF sergeant in 1941, Dougie, from Dundee, auditioned for ENSA, the military entertainment unit that became the inspiration for the hit 70s TVseries It Ain't Half Hot Mum.
ENSA founder members are Alpro, Valsoia, Natumi, Liquats Vegetals, Triballat and Nutrition Et Soja.