ENSALÉcole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Lyon (French architecture school)
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Within the reserve the large variety of plants traditionally used by humans includes the kitul palm (Caryota urens), the source of jaggery, a sweetener used as a sugar substitute; wewal (Calamus), rattans that are used for wickerwork; Ceylon cardamon (Elettaria ensal), a spice and flavoring; dun (Shorea), a source of varnishes and aromatic wood for incense; and weniwal (Coscinium fenestratum), the source of a yellowing coloring agent and active principles with tonic and digestive properties.
the project of setting up shared equipment between the municipality and the educational institutions (ensal / entpe and high schools) in the zac htel de ville is an element of the university continuum.
This street is also a strategic route for the entpe / ensal campus in restructuring.