ENSCEEnemy Situation Correlation Element
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Wednesday, July 16: Mr Lamy meets Saudi Deputy Trade Minister Hashim Yamani; Miss de Palacio and Mr Barnier meet Jean-Francois Dalaise, Chairman of Committee of River Shipowners and President of the Autonomous Port of Paris; Mr Barnier meets Philippe Marini, Senator for Oise and rapporteur-general for the North Seine/Europe project; Mr Lamy meets a delegation from the Civil Society Dialogue Roundtable; Mrs Diamantopoulou meets a delegation from ENSCE (European Network on Street Children Worldwide); Mrs Reding meets a European employers' delegation to discuss education issues; Mr Prodi participates in International Conference of support for the World Fund to combat AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria (Paris)
These systems were expected to capitalize on experience acquired from fielded automated intelligence systems such as the Linked Ops/Intel Centers, Europe; the TCAC-D; and the Limited ENSCE, among others.