ENSCIÉcole Nationale Supérieure de Céramique Industrielle (French industrial ceramics school)
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Solution developed by NOAA for use with ENSCI sondes that has been employed at the Fiji, Samoa, Costa Rica, and Hilo stations since the late 2000s.
JOSIE 1.0.1 comparisons were all made with ENSCI, whereas the JOSIE 2.0.1 referred to a combination of SPC and ENSCI.
Previous JOSIE campaigns and various field tests (especially the BESOS in 2004) noted that throughout the ozone profile when the same SST is used, the ENSCI instrument tends to measure more ozone than the SPC instrument.
2) The slight ENSCI-SPC ozone bias (ENSCI reads higher) previously observed (Smit et al.
(a) Session I SHADOZ SOP (blue) and JOSIE SOP (red) mean profiles subtracted from the OPM profile mean (% difference), (b) session 2 JOSIE 2.0.1 (black) and JOSIE 1.0.1 (red) SST profile means subtracted from the OPM, and (c) session I and 2 mean profiles of ENSCI OPM (red) and SPC OPM (blue) for which JOSIE 1.0.1 SST and SOP were used.