ENSIOEnable Serial Input Output
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[22.] Lindqvist R, Alenius LS, Runesdotter S, Ensio A, Jylha V, Kinnunen J, et al.
Ann nnua ual co co co co co t st st st st st of MP MP MP MP MP MP MP ' s' s' s' s' PS13.5m Annual cost of MPs' current pensions PS30K ensio io io io ion an an an MP ca ca ca can bu b Pension an MP can build up after 20 years PS75K Pr Pr Prop op opos os os os d ed ed ed ed ed ed ed ed ed ann nn nnua ua ua ua ual Proposed annual basic MP's salary
Eero Takkunen Jasper Paakkonen Ilkka Takkunen Lauri Nurkse Otto Takkunen Peter Franzen Matti Takkunen Niko Saarela Jouko Takkunen Vesa-Matti Loiri Pirjo Suutari Elsa Saisio Ensio Suutari Risto Tuorila Leena Janna Herttuainen Muukkonen Hannu-Pekka Bjorkman Inspired by real events, this Dogma-like depiction of the misadventures of four teenage brothers who turn to crime in rural Finland boasts top performances from a quartet of charismatic actors, and has been a major B.O.
TT-Theatre in Tampere: Socrates, Ensio Suominen (also dir).
CEO Sami Ensio shall temporarily take over the CFO's tasks, as of 13 June 2019, unless the new CFO to be selected is able to assume the duties by that time.
Also, there will be an arrangement in which Innofactor's CEO Sami Ensio will handle also the tasks of the Finnish country manager.
Innofactor Oyj (HEL:IFA1V), a Nordic provider of digitalisation and cloud solutions, reported on Wednesday that the Annual General Meeting of Innofactor elected a new board of directors for the company, with CEO of Innofactor, Sami Ensio, re-elected as a board member.
In his new role, Lehtonen will become a member of Innofactor's executive board and report to CEO Sami Ensio.
Jordy Ensio is President of Universal Minerals International, Inc., which is based in Tucson, Arizona.
Board members Sami Ensio, Jukka Makinen, Ilari Nurmi, Ari Rahkonen and Pekka Puolakka were re-elected.