ENSPEscola Nacional de Saúde Pública (Portugese)
ENSPÉcole Nationale de la Santé Publique
ENSPEndangered and Nongame Species Program (New Jersey)
ENSPEuropean Network for Smoking Prevention
ENSPEntreprise Nationale des Services Pétroliers (French: National Oil Services Company; Algeria)
ENSPEnvironmental Science and Policy (education; various locations)
ENSPEnvironmental Studies and Planning
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At the Policy phase, systems protective policy implementation is configured through the ENSP policy engine.
To determine the delay between antimicrobial use and resistance, proportions of PNSP, ENSP, and FQRE for 2002-2005 were correlated with the consumption of different antimicrobial drug classes in the same year and the 2 years before.
5 for ENSP between France (41%) and the Czech Republic (2%), and by 9.
Germany and Austria reported medium to high rates especially for ENSP (17% and 15%, respectively) and FQRE (23% and 19%, respectively) (Figures 1, 2).
ENSP occurrence in Europe correlated most compellingly with the country-specific use rate of ATC category J01D (other [beta]-lactams), which explained 48% of the observed variance (p [less than or equal to] 0.
42) So it seems such an ensp is not a res, because the sense of "res" is taken from the quiddity of an ens.
r], est bonum; but lacking a due ensp, namely the ordering of his will with regard to the measure of the divine will, non est bonum.
We anticipate that the relationship of PURB to ENSP will be negative because of the economies of scale and local spending.
These funds represent Federal government demand for state environmental spending in addition to that of the state's median taxpayer-voter and should be positively related to ENSP.
To give the ensp which forms nearly 30 years of internationally recognized photographers, local adapted to changing missions at the time of entry into the European area of ?
This project will also provide the opportunity to strengthen ensp its role in Arles cultural context and its national and international reputation, particularly through exhibitions, conferences and meetings.