ENSREuropean Network for SME Research
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(n = 7750) Micro Small Medium All Formal External courses 39 56 70 41 Consultants/advisers 21 32 29 22 Internal courses 19 38 54 21 Internal mentors 10 20 27 11 Job rotation 8 17 29 9 Sub-total 39 56 70 41 Informal 61 44 30 59 No development activities 20 9 4 19 Source: ENSR Observatory (EC, 2003).
From the data, ENSR will construct air quality models that quantify the potential benefits of using NOx control technology on a local and regional level.
The deal will see AT&T provide a fully integrated voice and data network to enhance ENSR's ability to quickly share business-critical information among its worldwide staff.
However, while Conoy solicitor Mike Hohenadel said the township's decision not to release the study was based on report author ENSR International's need to obtain additional information from Penn-Mar and denied any "obstructionist" motives, the newspaper said those opposed to the township's decision, such as Conoy businesswoman Judy Nissley, stressed that the local residents "have a right to see whatever document is presented."
Westford, Mass-based ENSR International and the University of Massachusetts/Boston (UMass) are working together to solve this problem by demonstrating the use of "bacterial fingerprinting" technology on water samples from the Souhegan River in southern New Hampshire.
and Sean Philips of ENSR International were named "Atofina All-Stars" at the 2004 Atofina Petrochemicals remediation conference held in Durango, CO.
ENSR (various years), The European Observatory for SMEs, Reports, Brussels, ENSR.
* ENSR International has signed an 11,000 SF lease;
Its reactivity has another benefit: "Because it reacts rapidly with materials in the water, ozone tends to break down," says William Stubblefield of ENSR International in Fort Collins, Colo.
Air Quality Programs Facing Winds of Change," ENSR Insight, Vol.
Now, just as "[ens.sub.r]" has analogous uses across the categories, so will "res," In its particular application to a category, the sense of "res" will "add" to the sense of "ensr" appropriate to that category the note of quiddity or essence appropriate to that category.