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ENSUREExchange Network for Sustainable Urban Revitalisation Experience (various locations)
ENSUREExpedited Nonstandard Urgent Requirements for Equipment
ENSUREElectronic Near Space Utility for Recovery and Experimentation (Amateur High Altitude Balloon Project)
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Effective records management programs ensure that records of permanent value that are transferred to the custody of an archives program in a regular, orderly fashion will be more readily accessible for reference use and will provide more reliable information for future users.
Just like the police have the authority to ensure that all citizens abide by the laws, security personnel must have the authority to enforce security policies.
We help ensure health by addressing toxic substances and waste disposal, and we secure our heritage by providing an understanding of our land, our oceans, the history of life, and a comprehension of our planet.
The primary objective of a physician compensation plan is to ensure that physicians act as if they have a personal investment and financial stake in the success of the medical group.
We provided a checklist so that authors could ensure that sufficient information would be available to allow their data to be re-analyzed by others.
They should also take a look at their plan design every now and then to ensure unnecessary procedures or medical costs are not sneaking past each time OHIP downloads more services to the private sector.
We need to ensure that other security measures are in place and are being monitored.
As part of their overall responsibility to ensure that all professional services are performed with professional competence and due professional care, members are responsible for adequate supervision of all such professional services.
Proper disinfection and laundering will help ensure an optimal life cycle for slings, pads and related equipment.
New methodologies and technology are being integrated today to foster the "science" of public relations and to ensure optimized public relations performance.
To ensure interoperability with third-party tools, Telelogic's products are built on an open architecture and standardized languages.
The use of desiccant dryers is the best way to ensure that the isocyanate is not exposed to moisture prior to use.