ENTCEar Nose and Throat Consultants (Nevada)
ENTCEuropean Net-Trainers Certificate (European Net-Trainers Association; UK)
ENTCExcitatory Nerve Terminal Current
ENTCEngine Negative Torque Control
ENTCEsfahan Nuclear Technology Center (Iran)
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We are very proud to be ENTC s trusted financial advisor and provide them with the financing they need to build their new surgery center, said John Wilcox, Nevada region executive for City National Bank.
To test the combined effect of ENTC and reduced salinity, larvae (>48 h) were randomly assigned to a 4 x 2 factor experimental design: 4 salinities (35, 25, 15, and 5 [+ or -] 1) at NTC (17.
A Tukey post hoc comparison revealed significant differences in activity between salinities of 25 and 35 [+ or -] 1 at both NTC and ENTC (P = 0.
Early larval development under NTC and ENTC followed the typical pattern known for several marine bivalve species (Fig.
Nevertheless, the slightly higher mortality observed under ENTC compared with NTC may be interpreted as an early indicator of metabolic stress resulting from higher temperature.
The results of the current 48-h in vitro experiment testing mortality under modulated salinity indicate that larvae reared under NTC and ENTC are highly tolerant of medium and low salinity (25 and 15 [+ or -] 1, respectively).
Values for ENTC are slightly lower than those for NTC (Fig.
The state-of-the-art ENTC instrumentation system will be an upgraded version of the system at U.