ENTECEuro NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Training Engineer Centre (Munich, Germany)
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Formosa Plastics Corporation, USA , a vertically integrated producer of plastic resins and chemicals, has collaborated with United States-based Entec Polymers.
Entec has now hired two apprentices but hopes to take on more in the future.
Three fertiliser N concentrations (0, 50 and 150mg N [kg.sup.-1] soil) were applied in two forms: (1) urea (C[H.sub.4] [N.sub.2]O); or (2) ENTEC urea (Incitec Pivot), which is granulated urea containing 1% DMPP on a fertiliser N : DMPP N basis.
In a pair of lawsuits filed in September, Foor claims that JCB's Austria-based general contractor entec did poor work, resulting in "multiple" but unspecified "construction defect(s)."
Berhard Schulz, chief executive of Entec, added: "We were really pleased to be able to deliver this project on budget and on time, despite the challenges the weather brought this winter.
The warehouse manager, who previously worked in the warehouse of a chemical company in Oldbury prior to joining Entec, added: "My job here involves checking machine parts, mainly for the brewing industry, that come in mainly from all over Europe but can arrive from anywhere in the world.
David Kenyon, Entec's project manager said:"We have recently submitted two planning applications for solar parks in Carmarthenshire.
Entec offers consultancy services to public and private sector customers from its 14 offices in the UK.
Unlike traditional rotary designs, the Entec PSZ oil pump relies on an adjustable pendulum slidegate.
Finnish consulting and engineering company Poyry Plc said on Tuesday (29 August) that its Infrastructure & Environment business group had increased its ownership in Entec A.S., Estonia.
Angus's role will be to support the capability of Entec in the post planning pre-construction and construction phases of wind farm development.