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ENTELEmpresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Chilean telecomunications company)
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Hughes Network Systems LLC (Hughes), a provider of broadband satellite solutions and services, announced on Monday the selection of its JUPITER System by Entel Bolivia, a telecommunications provider in Bolivia, as the platform for a new high-availability satellite broadband network to extend cellular and Internet access in remote areas.
Entel is a major telecommunications provider in Bolivia, serving more than 4.
The leading fixed-line operator remains the incumbent Telefonica Chile, trading as Movistar, while it faces increasing competition from VTR Globalcom, the GTD group, Entel, and Claro.
This is the seventh year that gallery owners Susan Benjamin and Syd Entel have graciously hosted the event showcasing artistic pieces created by participants in one of The Arc Tampa Bay's day programs, Harborside Studios.
As Entel embarks on a nationwide expansion program, integration of unconnected rural areas into the development mainstream and empowerment of disadvantaged sections of society is top priority .
ST) (Nasdaq: ERIC) announced today that Entel has extended its strategic partnership with the company for supply of its 2G, 3G and end-to-end IP network for 4G/LTE, to meet increasing demand for mobile broadband coverage and address data traffic growth in Chile.
Y a traves del documental Pecados de mi padre, dirigido por el argentino Nicolas Entel, cuenta la historia de Escobar, tambien llamado Zar de la cocaina.
Accordingto ETI, by December 2007, Entel had made investments in infrastructure and technology of more than US$741 million and was employing 1,500 Bolivians.
Entel was reluctant to give this in the past as apparently the technology is quite expensive to Entel for each new client.
Until deregulation day on November 28, 2001, it was not legal to place any long distance calls from the public phone network except through the incumbent, Entel, even for the purpose of network testing.
To differentiate itself in a suddenly crowded market, ENTEL began developing new information-based products aggressively, rolling out one every three days for the better part of a year.